Broward Guardian Participants

Florida Institute for Cardiovascular Care, PA

Hector Fabregas, MD, PA

Hernando Giraldo MD, Inc.

Howard M. Graubard, MD, PA

Internal Medicine Specialty Associates, PA

Jeffrey Rothstein, DO, PA

Joseph A. Rodriguez, MD, PA

Joshua Z. Steiner, DO, PA

Juan Carlos Rondon, MD, PA

Larry Levinson, PA

Larry Shulruff, MD PA

Leonard J. Hoenig, MD, PA

Leslie Shawn, DO, PA

Marlenny Feliz, MD, PA

Medical Offices of Scott B. Halperin, MD, PA

American Family Health Center, Inc

Bahta and Associates, Inc.

Beth and Howard Braver, MD, PA

Calzada Primary Care, PA

Chris Ramsaran Family and Sports Medicine, Inc.

Cleopatra Gordon-Pusey, MD, PA

Comprehensive Health Wellness Center, PA

Donovan D. Taylor, MD PA

Durairaj Venkatasamy, MD PA

Elisabeth E Cohn, PA

Emad Ekladios, MD, PA

Emilio Pando, MD, PA

Evergreen Medical Center, PA

Family Medical Center of Hollywood, PA

Family Practice of Davie, Inc.

Mudasiru A. Carew, DO, PA

Norberto Pedroso, MD, PA

Pines Medical Center, PA

Reyes & Reyes, PA

Robert L. Reeder MD

Saad Mirza, MD, PA

Safecare Medical Center

South Broward Hospital District

Steven R. Linzer, DO PA

Van Buren Medical Center, Inc.

Wayne H. Case, MD, PA

Wayne N. Evancho, DO, PA

West-Ky Abrams, DO, PA

Yaneth Trujillo, MD PA

Broward Guardian is a Primary Care Physician organization aligned with Memorial Health System.